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Many small and large Extras

The aroma of the assortment of freshly-baked bread rises from the lobby, right into the apartment. That’s enough to get even a real sleepyhead out of bed! Let the ‘breakfast bakery’ wake you up. Everyone can find something they fancy there in the morning. Making plans for the day? Our information stand contains all sorts of suggestions that you can look through, sitting in the comfy chairs in the lobby. Would you like to go to the fitness centre, or would you prefer the heated ski and shoe areas?

Holiday plus:
- lobby with modern terminals for checking in and out
- information stand/resort overview
- breakfast bakery
- garage car park
- heated ski and shoe areas
- Fitness centre

You can enjoy excellent regional cuisine or spend a convivial ‘Hüttenabend’ evening in the so called 'Dorfstadl' nearby.